What does sport massage involve?

A sports massage is characterized by the fact that various techniques are performed on a part of the body with the aim to improve the condition of the body part or person, to cure the injury that is being treated or to have as little trouble as possible.

By applying specific handles and techniques you give the body certain signals, which can cause a recovery or relaxation. In this way a masseur tries to get the body back in balance.

There are various symptoms from which you can conclude that the body is out of balance. For example, due to overload such as muscle pain, fatigue, poorer blood circulation, stiffness or increased tension. A sports massage can remove or reduce these reactions. A sport massage is therefore primarily aimed at getting athletes fit again, but can also be relaxing. That is why it can also be suitable for non-athletes, such as people who sit a lot during their work.

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A relief! I sit for my work all day and have little time to move. The massage makes my legs feel a lot less heavy. Kees

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