Great start of the day
Starting the day working out with a lovely morning training? Then this is really a training for you. Whether you are doing this before you go to work, or because you like to start the day on time, through this training you will notice that you are happier through the day and make more out of it. Wondering what the lesson looks like, read on!

Morning Camp
In this training we start with cardio-related exercises that are combined with a number of strength exercises. The aim is to make the body ready for the day without having to exhaust it completely. The training consists of running a circle around the park and on a number of points exercises will be performed after which we end at the starting point. For lovers there will be a nice morning shake or bar. </ span

See the schedule

Wanna join?     
Make sure you take the weather into account in clothing choice and that you eat well and on time. A bottle of water is also not a luxury.

Meeting point
Northeast entrance to the park near the big white bear. If everyone ensures that he / she is present five minutes in advance then we can start on time. If you can not find the meeting point, call 0643610440


Excellent way to keep my body fit. Very good and enthusiastic trainer who knows what he’s doing and how to stand in front of a group. Various exercises both strength and conditional. Furthermore, it is incredibly fun. I can recommend everyone to sign up for this! Ward de Boer, freelancer