Hit it!
Your heartbeat shoots up, the adrenaline rushes through your body, you’re on focus. Boxing gives energy and self-confidence. In this training, we do not focus on sparring or taking hits, so do not be afraid of a black eye or your nose. In the boxing camp the teaching of technique is combined with elements from the boot camp. Experience is not required, but always welcome. We will work together and individually to make yourself and each other better in a fun way. Man, woman, or everything in between: this boxing camp gives a lot of fun and not only increases endurance, but also self-confidence.

Boxing camp
This is a training that consists of the combination of bootcamp and a boxing training. In this lesson we are going to work both conditionally and with explosive power. Ideal for people who want to increase their responsiveness, loose weight, wanting to keep themselves sharp, lose aggression or want to increase self-esteem by becoming more resilient. The lesson is meant to gather techniques in a playful way.

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Make sure you take the weather into account in clothing choice and that you eat well and on time. A bottle of water is also not a luxury.

Meeting point
Northeast entrance to the park near the big white bear. If everyone ensures that he / she is present five minutes in advance then we can start on time. If you can not find the meeting point, call 0643610440