Try and want more!
Do you also find it boring to stand alone in the gym or to run the same round every time? Are you struggling to encourage yourself to exercise? Stop worrying and get a good workout in a group. During this bootcamp you will work with both strength and stamina. During the training the coach will pay attention to your posture and the execution of the exercises in order to get more comfortable with your body and to prevent injuries. By training in a group, there is a cozy and motivating atmosphere and you often go just a step further.

The Boot Camp
A boot camp workout will last about 60 minutes. The boot camp consists of a warm-up, fitness and strength exercises and a stretch part. Because of the design of the bootcamp, both beginners and advanced are welcome. Variations in the exercises make the boot camp attractive for everyone but above all accessible. By using different movements and / or attributes, the body is triggered in a different way every boot camp.

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Wanna join?
Make sure you take the weather into account in clothing choice and that you eat well and on time. A bottle of water is also not a luxury item.

Meeting point
North-East entrance to the park near the big white bear. If everyone ensures that he / she is present five minutes in advance we can start on time. If you can not find the meeting point, call 0643610440

Playing sports is not my thing at all, but I have participated a number of times at Dope Camp and is definitely recommended. Enthusiasm is fully present and your level is taken into account. A must for everyone!! Pascal R.

IT Specialist

The enthusiasm of the trainer is so contagious that all the objections to ‘finally’ start exercising again when snow disappears. It is fun, but also professional and the balance between them is excellent. “Why did I not do this before …” So do it!

Tim V.