The beginning

The boot camp started in the summer of 2016 for friends and acquaintances who enjoyed working out with me outside. A few months later, one of the participants and my neighbor called out: “Hey, shouldn’t you come up with a nice name for your boot camps?” after which there was a lot of brainstorming. It only took minutes to make a funny and meaningfull distraction from bootcamp: Dope Camp was an instant hit.

The name

Let’s start with the name. Here the word ‘dope’ is of course the most striking. But isn’t that something we know of ‘doping’ from professional sports and is diametrically opposed to healthy sports? That’s right. If we equate doping with resources that give the body and mind an extra push, but at the same time are bad for your health, then we could put the drugs / doping people use in their free time to feel high in the same category. After all, feeling good and being able to keep on going when you might not be able to do it on your own are the purpose. The production of endorphins is a well-known example of the effect of drugs / doping.

However, there is still a way to create those substances without affecting your health: through regular exercise. Physical exercise has a big effect on the brain, especially in times when most people are sitting at a desk, the brain ‘cheers’ as it were when the body starts to move. This can even lead to euphoric feelings, similar to.. That’s right: doping / synthetic drugs. Hence the name Dope Camp: The Natural High. But beware: this too can be addictive!
A nice extra is that ‘dope’ in English also means something like ‘cool’ or ‘fun’.


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The coach

The coach

Ewout Steenhoff completed the four-year course Sport & amp; Motion coordinator at the IDcollege in Alphen aan den Rijn, followed by the NASM personal trainer course. After a number of years working at Sport & amp; Health Club David Lloyd Amsterdam, he now enjoys being able to give his own outdoor training and to provide sports massages in his practice room. The strength of this trainer is his infectious enthusiasm, which gives the participants that extra push and pleasure. </ P>